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Sacred Garden Yoni Steam

Sacred Garden Yoni Steam

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Here are a few of the many benefits you can expect from Yoni steaming:


Fights antibacterial infection- The Vibe is delicate and can sometimes fall prey to different antibacterial infections. While it is true that this part of the body is able to clean itself out on its own, a little extra support can only help in the long run. These are the herbs that are responsible for doing just that:


  •         Mugwort
  •         Rosemary
  •         Marshmallow


Balances Hormones- After pregnancy, a woman’s hormones may be fluctuating off the charts. To calm this emotional sensation, these two herbs have the ability to keep these hormones in proper check:     


  •         Mugwort
  •         Himalayan Salt


Promotes Healthy Blood Flow- If an irregular period is occurring, let these four herbs go to work to restore regularity and promote healthy blood flow at all times. If your period is heavier or lighter, women will find a happy medium after the use of a treatment with these herbs:


  •         Yarrow
  •         Lavender


Reduces Cramps- The day cramps no longer exist is the day that a miracle has truly taken place. Am I right? Yoni steaming can’t actually produce miracles, but when women notice a reduction of cramps, it sure feels like one. These will help:       

  •         Lavender
  •         Oregano
  •         Motherwort
  •         Rose Petals


Provides Post-Birthing Comfort- Giving birth is single-handedly one of the hardest actions a woman’s body will endure in a lifetime. Not only does the body create and carry life, but it also must learn how to heal post-birth and the during care of a newborn.


All who endure this are strong to say the least! These three herbs recognize this and aid the mother afterwards:


  •         Rosemary
  •         Marshmallow
  •         Calendula






Reduces PMS Symptoms- To endure PMS usually means that women may not necessarily feel like their best selves. To relieve these feelings, the following three herbs will tackle these symptoms with vengeance:           


  •         Chamomile



Produces Overall Health- To round out and promote total Vibe health, these two herbs aid others to support and promote total care:


  •         Dandelion
  •         Raspberries





Think that there’s already enough benefits to go around for this service? Well, think again! Women are now able to benefit from all the emotional and spiritual positives associated with herbal Yoni steaming as well. The following are all the best ways Yoni steaming offers emotional and spiritual support. 


  •         Connects women with ancestral wisdom of the womb
  •         Releases extra emotions or anxiety
  •         Gives access to feminine energy
  •         Relieves tension and calms the spirit
  •         Relieves insomnia
  •         Lifts sexual trauma




Any item or service used on the human body poses risks, especially since not all bodies react in the same way. While yoni steam herbs is a beneficial service for most, these are some of the risks to consider and some of the key times it should be avoided.  


Good bacteria could die- When vaginal steaming kills bacteria in an attempt to prevent any bacterial or yeast infections, the process can also eliminate the good bacteria as well. Since steaming has the potential to kill good bacteria, this leaves the intimate part of the woman’s body at a slightly higher risk of infection because there won’t be anything left to fight it off. 


The temperature may be too high- If the temperature is a little too warm for comfort, then this method could pose the threat to burn your Vibe area. The temperature needs to be heavily monitored, especially since that area of the body is prone to be more sensitive.


There are times that are not optimal to receive treatment- There are times where the body won’t react the same way to this treatment when compared to every other time. The below situations illustrate the best time to avoid Yoni steaming, especially if the body is undergoing something different such as pregnancy or a menstrual cycle. 


  •         If pregnant or there are symptoms present that could indicate a woman is pregnant 
  •         The uterus is a victim to an open sore or vaginal infection  
  •         Intrauterine device (IUD) is present
  •         If a woman has genital piercings (could cause metal burns)
  •         If there are hormonal creams or rings in use
  •         When a woman is on her menstrual cycle





Since this type of method is all natural, what better way is there to promote proper Vibe health? The female body endures so much in its lifetime with menstrual cycles and pregnancy being some of the bigger miracles included.


Without proper care and monitoring, a woman is at more risk for problems in that area of the body too, which is why it’s super important to make sure that all the necessary precautions are in place. This entails regular doctor visits, self-health checks, and the use of helpful feminine products to maintain a positive health status.


Herbal yoni steaming is one of the premier services that protects and prevents against a wide array of possible problems a woman may endure regarding her Vibe health. This advantageous method is worth a try as it boosts wide-ranging, proven results! You will experience amazing results within the first few days, and soon, it will become an enjoyable part of your feminine self-care routine!




This is our 100% Organic fertility blend. This blend is made with a base of Motherwort (Cleaning herb) which is used for the support of female reproductive health. Red raspberry leaf (Blood building herb) which has a soothing effect on the uterine Muscles which prepare the uterus against any kind of early miscarriage. The leaves are also beneficial in assisting the embryo with attaching to the uterine wall. Yarrow (the uterus strengthening herbs) is used as a traditional Chinese medicine to strengthen the uterus. Calendula and Rose (cleansing herb) which has been used to heal wounds,vaginal yeast and other infections. Mugwort (Blood decreasing) which is a herb used to boost energy Ginger root reduces gas and improves digestion which supports healthy ovulation. Chamomile and Lavender (Disinfectant herbs) to support relaxation in your body.

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